Financial Domination and Blackmail

An Introduction by Madam Divine

I offer a range of services to cater for slaves who have a fetish for financial domination or blackmail. At one end of the scale there are simple gifts, at the other end ruthless, life changing blackmail. If you are curious about this increasingly popular area of Domination, read on!

This note is merely a brief outline of some of the forms of financial domination I enjoy. If you have a scenario in mind that does not quite fit into any of the categories listed below, contact Me and we can discuss your particular fetish and make your fantasy come alive. Just one caution; I am very quick to spot fakes and I do not take kindly to timewasters.


A mild form of financial servitude is presenting Your Madam with an unsolicited gift. This may be something carefully chosen by you and given to Me personally at the beginning of a session, or maybe a gift sent to Me purely in appreciation. Such gifts may be in the form of cash, a special item carefully selected by you or something from the Gifts List section of My website. Such gifts are always most welcome, they are genuinely appreciated by Me and you will be thanked for making them. They are a token of appreciation by you of My stature as a Dominatrix and are a form of tribute, laid at My feet. Your reward will be the satisfaction that you will have pleased Me by serving Me in this way.

Spoil Your Goddess

Ever really tried to spoil someone and then been made to feel wholly inadequate? Did you secretly enjoy the humiliation? Would spending money on Me only to be completely ignored or insulted for the inadequacy of your pathetic offering interest you? I am very happy to engage in this sort of ?spoiled Goddess? play and be your haughty, precious Black Goddess whom you can never fully please, never fully satisfy, no matter how much you pay. Be My sugar daddy, try to keep Me sweet, but never satisfy Me! Your gifts and cash tributes will be either totally ignored, or I may send you insulting and humiliating text messages or e-mails. Not only are you giving Me something for nothing, you get to be thoroughly humiliated in the process! I may also let the world know via My slave notice board (Twitter) what a pathetic loser you are (although I will never reveal your true identity)! This is a form of financial Domination that is all about ME, not about you!

Adopt a Bill

Do you feel like giving Your Madam some form of on-going financial support? Would it please you to adopt one of My regular bills, perhaps My electricity, My gas or maybe something more personal like My nails or hair? Such regular giving will be rewarded by the knowledge you are helping in a meaningful way to maintain My lifestyle. I may express My gratitude for such support, or I may humiliatingly ignore and insult you, depending on what you require. This type of financial Domination may appeal to a slave I am getting to know and whom wishes to contribute something over and above session fees, and may be part of the process of becoming closer to My inner circle. It may also appeal to those who wish to serve a powerful Black Dominatrix, but are unable to visit Me personally.

Money slavery

Money slavery is a more serious and committed form of giving that is bordering on forced exploitation and which is yet safe. Become My money-slave, My pay-pig! This type of play is similar to The Goddess. but My role is much stronger and I am more of a demanding Bitch than a spoiled Goddess. Depending on your level of commitment, your money slavery service to Me may range from you paying Me whatever amount you can, whenever you can to Me demanding you pay Me whatever I want, whenever I say! This play is usually combined with the setting of exacting and/or humiliating tasks and you may expect to be fined or penalised if you fail or disappoint Me. Money slavery may evolve with slaves I have met, or can be conducted purely from a distance. The scenario can be tailored to your needs and also your capacity to pay. Serving Me in this way can be highly addictive. If you are not yet ready to be totally at My mercy, we may agree limits before we begin and you are free to walk away at any time you choose  the only penalty for doing so being I will be very reluctant to let you back in once you have run. This type of play is quite serious and has a strong psychological element. As I get to know you I will, without doubt, begin to get into your head and under your skin. I am a highly addictive Black Dominatrix and becoming My money slave may well become your habit. Be warned!

Contractual Money slavery

This is a half way house between money slavery, described above, and fully fledged blackmail. You need to be serious about financial domination to engage in this play. W/we will set out your obligations in a written contract which will last for an agreed number of months and will clearly specify your financial obligations and limits. W/we may also agree a get out payment for early termination of the contract. However, once the contract is signed you will be expected to comply fully with the agreement and in return you will have My attention and time as I set you tasks, humiliate you, control you, demand money from you and generally begin to take over your life. There is a degree of trust as I will have no means of enforcing the contract should you renege on the agreement; you still have your freedom. It hardly needs to be said that a slave who runs from his obligations under such a contract is never given a second chance and will be permanently banished from My Realm.


This is My favourite form of financial domination but be warned, I am an exquisitely devious and sadistic blackmailer, it is what I am best at. I offer only one type of blackmail and that is simply the real thing and becoming My blackmail victim is the ultimate in offering yourself to serve your Black Dominatrix. This is not play, it is no longer merely a game but a major power exchange conducted at considerable risk to your financial and mental health and safety. I must stress it is for serious players only and I will need to be satisfied you are really ready to be blackmailed by Me before beginning. Many people approach Me saying they are interested in blackmail but few are genuinely prepared to go ahead with it. Be warned - this edge play is dangerous and yet highly addictive.

Does the idea of a powerful and demanding Black Dominatrix blackmailing you arouse you? Are you ready to give Me as much personal information as I demand; knowing I will verify it to make sure it is genuine? Would it thrill you to send Me incriminating photographs or videos knowing I may well use them against you? If you session with Me would it excite you to know I may interrogate you for more information and gather yet more evidence? Does your heart beat a little faster when I say I can be THE Bitch when it comes to blackmail and there is nothing I love more than to know I have a blackmail victim living in constant fear and anxiety as they await My next move. If so then being blackmailed by Me may be for you. This is not fantasy - it is something I am actually doing right now!

I can be a truly mean Black Bitch, a nasty piece of work, and I simply don,t fuck around when it comes to blackmail  but I do play by the rules. I insist on a written blackmail contact which you will sign agreeing that everything is consensual. You will also agree that any information and evidence I have may be used freely by Me, no matter how damaging it may be to you, should you fail to honour your side of the contract. Let Me be 100% clear about this - I WILL expose you without hesitation - send those pictures to your wife, your boss, etc if you are foolish enough to try to get out of your contractual obligations. I will demand a regular monthly sum from you but will also make further demands for gifts and cash. The only safety you have is that the contract may provide for a get out payment. Also, once the contract comes to an end you have My word all material will be destroyed.

The thing that really interests Me about blackmail is not the money (although I do love it) as the power it gives Me. More than almost any other play blackmail allows Me to profoundly control, manipulate and own a slave. It would be a big mistake to think I merely demand money not to expose you and then sit back. That would be too easy! Instead I become very actively involved in thoroughly mind-fucking you. I take a great deal of time and effort to make sure you are fully entrapped and become mentally, physically and spiritually owned and enslaved by Me. I will take over your life, not just your wallet! Being blackmailed by Me has been described as a roller coaster ride and My blackmail slaves have been astounded at the psychological depth and intensity of My possession. My intelligence in subjecting you to mental torment has been likened to total possession of the soul.

Reading the above, many will simply not understand, many will find it exotic and erotic but not for them but a few will think YES, that is exactly what I have been looking for! Those brave enough to proceed should contact Me for details. Remember though ? once you start? there is no going back. Negotiation and agreement of terms is fine, but once we start, I own your fucking ass. Simple!

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