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My time at the Other World Kingdom 

I left Bristol for the Czech Republic and the Other World Kingdom (OWK) on Wednesday 22 April. The journey went smoothly and I was met at the airport and driven to the OWK location by taxi. The journey from the airport is quite long - about 2 hours, and as I travelled I felt excited about My visit, looking forward to the filming and the new experience.

On arrival I met Mistress Dada Sreni, the Supreme Italian Dominatrix whom was made a Sublime Lady Citizen of the OWK in 2007. We had a drink together and talked about the OWK. I was then introduced to the two male cameramen whom would be responsible for the DVD shoots the next day. The cameramen showed Me around the OWK compound, asking Me about My preferred style of dress for filming and also enquiring which of the many rooms I would like to be filmed in. I then enjoyed a modest meal and prepared Myself for the next day. I slept reasonably well but the first night in strange surroundings often unsettles Me a little.

Thursday started early, with filming scheduled to begin at 9.30 am. Before filming I had breakfast and met slave anton with whom I would be making the DVD's. slave anton told Me he had made films at the OWK before and I found him very pleasant and easy to get on with. I explained to slave anton, in some detail, what I intended to do with and to him during filming. For filming I wore two new wonderfully sensual rubber outfits I had just bought from My delightful new friends at Rubberluv.

I made two DVD's with slave anton and after each session W/we had a separate still photo-shoot. I know many of you reading this will be longing to know exactly what treatment I meted out to slave anton and will be itching to see the DVD's and stills. Well, you will just have to be patient and wait! It will be several months before the material will be edited and prepared for distribution by the OWK. For now, I would merely say that slave anton not only survived his experience at My hands but was also courteous and impressed enough to send Me an e-mail praising Me highly and saying 'it was one of the best days of my life'. Filming was exhausting and quite different from a normal session, when I often feel energised and stimulated (as some of You know only too well!). 

After the day's shoot I was delighted to be joined at 7.30 pm by Mistress Georgia, whom I trained as a Mistress in Bristol and with whom I occasionally offer 'Double Domme' sessions. We decided to get slave anton to take us out for a meal and W/we had an entertaining and enjoyable evening, savouring the local food  and causing a bit of a stir amongst the clientele, as I think it was quite a novelty for them to see a black face. slave anton is a good slave and knew his place, behaving well and paying for O/our meal, although the poor thing was totally lost at times as his English is not that good and Mistress Georgia and I like to talk! It was good to get away from the OWK after a long day and sample a little of ordinary Czech life and cuisine.

Back at the OWK, Mistress Georgia was shown around and introduced to the slave with whom She would be filming the next day. Mistress Dada Sreni was busy organising a shoot of Her own, also scheduled for the next day, so it was a quiet evening for Me.

Friday was a very pleasant day. Before leaving the OWK I bought some memorabilia from the OWK shop and I was collected early by taxi to make the long drive back to the airport.

Overall, I would rate My OWK experience as pleasant and memorable. I look forward to making a return visit, perhaps at a celebration weekend or on the 7th- 9th August when there is a special 'Women over men' weekend (just My cup of tea!). It was a good, positive experience that might have been enhanced had there been more Mistresses and slaves present. As far as recommending the OWK to others is concerned, I would say it is down to the individual to go and have their own experience.

A final note. I was happy to see from the number of e-mails and text messages sent whilst I was away that My slaves had missed Me. That pleased Me greatly, and it may surprise some readers to learn that I quite missed them too - so I do have a heart after all!

Madam Divine


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